'I did it my way' 

Presentations from Fellows at the Clinical Academic Showcase 2023

Audio Yaping Lian CLAC East March 2023.mp4

Yaping Lian (Ping) gives an account of her journey as a tissue viability nurse which started with an HEE Pre-Masters Internship, followed by an NIHR Pre-Doctoral Clinical Fellowship (PCAF). Recently she secured an NIHR Clinical and Practitioner Doctoral Fellowship (DCAF) which she starts in Autumn 2023.

David Young, a paediatric physiotherapist completed an NIHR funded MSc in Clinical Research, followed by a Masters to PhD Bridging Fellowship (now called the Pre-Doctoral Bridging). He was awarded an NIHR ICA Clinical Doctoral Fellowship and is currently doing his PhD at UEA.

I did it my way_10.3.23_DY_video.mp4
Audio CGooday CLAC East England March 2023.mp4

Dr Catherine Gooday talks about her journey as a podiatrist at the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital to become a clinical academic.  In 2022 Catherine completed her NIHR Clinical Doctoral Fellowship and is now pursuing post-doctoral research opportunities through an HEE Post-Doctoral Bridging award.  

Dr Ben Bowers is a Wellcome Post-Doctoral Fellow at University of Cambridge  and Honorary Nurse Consultant in Palliative Care. Ben shares his experiences and tips on becoming a clinical academic and having a positive impact on patient care through research.

Ben Bowers Making a Difference - Clinical Academic Careers.mp4