For doctors and dentists

The Integrated Academic Training (IAT) Pathway supports the development of clinical academic careers for doctors (including those medically qualified in Public Health) and dentists in England.

The IAT pathway offers Academic Clinical Fellowships (ACF) and Clinical Lectureships (CL) which are allocated to partnerships of medical/dentist schools and their partner universities.

Further information can be found under the NIHR Integrated Academic Training.

In the East of England the following opportunities are available for doctors and dentists

For opportunities at the Norwich Medical School (University of East Anglia) go to the Norwich Academic Training Office (NATO).

For opportunities at the School of Clinical Medicine, University of Cambridge go to the Clinical Academic Training Office (CATO).

Information on clinical academic training for the East of England can found at the Health Education East of England Academic Hub.

The NIHR Fellowship Programme supports individuals on their trajectory to becoming future leaders in NIHR research and is open to all professions (clinical and non-clinical).