shortened Pre-Doctoral Bridging Award

Health Education England for East of England has agreed to fund 2 shortened Pre-Doctoral Bridging Awards in 2020.

These are specifically designed for aspiring clinical academics who:

i) have submitted a competitive NIHR ICA Clinical Doctoral Research Fellowship or similar doctoral fellowship application,

ii) been shortlisted for interview but not awarded

iii) received feedback from the funder on their application

iv) belong to one of the ICA eligible professions and are employed in the East of England

Applicants may have been recipients of previous Masters to PhD bridging awards but for whom the HEE Pre-Doctoral Bridging scheme with the mandatory 6 masterclasses is not appropriate at this stage.

What does the shortened Pre-Doctoral Bridging award offer?

A payment of £6,500 will be made to the successful candidate’s employer to enable study days between November 2020 to April 2021 to meet with supervisors and work on a resubmission of their fellowship application in 2021. The number of study days should be agreed with their employer (line manager) in advance over the 6 months period and should be in line with the applicant’s salary costs to justify the use of the full grant of £6,500.

How to apply?

The applicant’s academic supervisors should be supportive of this application and willing and available during the period of November 2020 and April 2021 to provide supervision and enable a timely and competitive resubmission. A total grant of £1000 for mentorship is available and will be payable to the supervisors’ employer.

Applicants need to complete a short application form and obtain signatures confirming support from their supervisors and line manager. A copy of their doctoral fellowship application and feedback from the funder need to be submitted with the bridging application and emailed to midday 3rdAugust 2020.

Interviews will be held via ZOOM on Friday 18thSeptember.

Download your application form here

HEE ICA short Pre-doc applic 2020 clean.docx