Post-Doctoral Bridging Award

2021 round now closed

What does the Post-Doctoral Bridging offer?

For those with a PhD who wish to develop careers that combine both clinical research and research leadership with continued clinical practice and clinical development. The Post-Doctoral Bridging award is designed to support those intending to apply for the NIHR/HEE ICA Clinical Lectureship Scheme or an equivalent opportunity that is relevant to their clinical academic career development.

It offers a grant of up to £14,000 and £1000 towards mentorship costs to support an applicant to spend time developing a funding application including costs of:

• visiting other research institutes

• building research collaborations

• attending and presenting at conferences

• writing up research publications (including open access fees)

• developing training and leadership skills

• undertaking patient and public involvement work

• salary support/backfill for the applicant.

Application form and guidance for 2021

completed applications must be emailed to: by midday 21st March 2021

HEE ICA Post-doctoral APPLICATION EoE 2021.docx
HEE ICA Post-doctoral Bridging guidance EoE 2021.pdf